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Honorary Fellows of the IITP (HFIITP)

ScrollFrom time to time the Institute recognises the significant long-term contribution made by an individual to the IT sector (or the Institute) by conferring the title of Honorary Fellow of the Institute of IT Professionals (HFIITP).

Honorary Fellow is the highest honour that can be bestowed on an individual in the IT profession and is very highly regarded both in New Zealand and around the world.

There is a stringent process completed before an Honorary Fellowship can be awarded, including a vote of the Institute's National Council and a vote of the entire body of existing Fellows (with both votes requiring a 2/3s margin for the nomination to proceed).

Current HFIITP recipients are:

Prof Mark Apperley, HFIITP Sam Morgan, HFIITP
Dr Colin Boswell, HFIITP Ernie Newman, HFIITP
Prof Bevan Clarke, HFIITP Ralph Norris, HFIITP
Hon David Cunliffe, HFIITP Chris Potter, HFIITP
Prof Bob Doran, HFIITP Dr John Robinson, HFIITP
Rod Drury, HFIITP Prof Philip Sallis, HFIITP
Gillian Eadie, HFIITP Sir Gil Simpson, HFIITP
Elizabeth Eastwood, HFIITP Ian Taylor, HFIITP
John Good, HFIITP Nicola Walmsley, HFIITP
Gordon Grimsey, HFIITP Hon Maurice Williamson, HFIITP
Derham McAven, HFIITP Donald Wilson, HFIITP
Bruce Moon, HFIITP Laurence Zwimpfer, HFIITP
Jack Morgan, HFIITP  

These individuals have worked hard over a long period of time for the IT profession and are an inspiration to all of us.

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