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This page contains the IITP Code of Ethics (mandatory for all IITP members) and the IITP Code of Practice.

IITP Code of Ethics

Download Code of Conduct (PDF File)The IITP Code of Ethics is issued under the authority of the Constitution of the Institute of IT Professionals NZ Inc and is binding on all members of the Institute.

Tenets of the Code of Ethics

The following are the 8 tenets (principles) of the Code of Ethics. See below for the full Code of Ethics, including interpretation and the disciplinary process.

IT Professionals will practice with:

  1. Good faith - Members shall treat people with dignity, good faith and equality; without discrimination; and have consideration for the values and cultural sensitivities of all groups within the community affected by their work;
  2. Integrity - Members shall act in the execution of their profession with integrity, dignity and honour to merit the trust of the community and the profession, and apply honesty, skill, judgement and initiative to contribute positively to the well-being of society;
  3. Community-focus - Members’ responsibility for the welfare and rights of the community shall come before their responsibility to their profession, sectional or private interests or to other members;
  4. Skills - Members shall apply their skills and knowledge in the interests of their clients or employers for whom they will act without compromising any other of these Tenets;
  5. Continuous Development - Members shall develop their knowledge, skills and expertise continuously through their careers, contribute to the collective wisdom of the profession, and actively encourage their associates to do likewise;
  6. Informed Consent - Members shall take reasonable steps to inform themselves, their clients or employers of the economic, social, environmental or legal consequences which may arise from their actions;
  7. Managed Conflicts of Interest - Members shall inform their clients or employers of any interest which may be, or may be perceived as being, in conflict with the interests of their clients or employers, or which may affect the quality of service or impartial judgement;
  8. Competence - Members shall follow recognised professional practice, and provide services and advice carefully and diligently only within their areas of competence.

The Code is mandatory. ALL members of the Institute must abide by the IITP Code of Ethics, hence it is essential to have a good working understanding and knowledge of it.

The full Code of Ethics

The full Code of Ethics is made up of three components:

  • The code itself, made up of the 8 Tenets above
  • Guidelines and Interpretation, to assist in interpretation of the Code
  • Breaches and Disciplinary Process, defined within the IITP Bylaws

These three components are together referred to as the "Code of Ethics" and can be downloaded below.

View or download the full IITP Code of Ethics [PDF].


IITP Code of Practice

Download Code of Conduct (PDF File)The IITP Code of Practice is a guideline document for IT Professionals. It is not mandatory, however is a strongly endorsed practice guidelines.

Structure of the Code

The Code of Practice includes sections relevant to all IT-related disciplines such as Conflicts of Interest and Competency issues, as well as key IT practice guidelines specific to IT practice, education and research plus business functions.

Download the Code

You can view or download the IITP Code of Practice here (PDF File).

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