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About the Institute

The Institute of IT Professionals (IITP) is a non-profit professional body, and the oldest and most trusted IT body in New Zealand.

The Institute works hard to improve both the education and professional development of those broadly working with computers and technology and the computer-related education of the country as a whole.

IITP Vision Statement

IITP is the authoritative voice of the IT profession that leads professional development and good practice in IT.

IITP works with government, the education sector and academia, the industry, the IT community and the public at large to increase the education, professionalism and expertise of those working in the ICT sector and advance education across the board in the interests of New Zealand.

IITP MemberThe Institute is a vehicle by which members can engage and contribute to education and professional advancement. Institute representatives also actively represent the profession and the sector on many different education, policy and standards-setting boards across NZ and the world.

We think of professionalism as the 3 E's: Education + Experience + Ethics. Education isn't always in the classroom, but forms a core component of the development of all practitioners.

Our members are typically those that place a high priority on professionalism in the delivery of ICT solutions and have committed to improving the standards of the ICT industry. Professional membership of the Institute requires a proven dedication to professionalism plus a combination of education and experience and a commitment to the Institute's Code of Professional Conduct

Put simply, our members believe professionalism matters in IT.

IITP also works closely with a number of international education, learned and professional-focused collaborative organisations such as the IFIP and IP3, as well as our kindred societies across the globe (including the ACS, BCS, ACM, CIPS, and IEEE Computer Societies amongst others).

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