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NZ's body for Software and IT Professionals

The Institute of IT Professionals NZ is New Zealand's leading body for those working or studying in Software and Information Technology related fields.

With thousands of members throughout New Zealand and direct relationships with Government, academia and the industry, IITP is the authoritative voice of the Information Technology profession.

IITP runs hundreds of presentations, events and courses for IT professionals alongside a suite of projects from school outreach to tertiary accreditation, mentoring, certification of IT Professionals and much more.

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Upcoming Events and Workshops

TPN Presents: Big Data - First there was little data!

This talk is a humorous and light-hearted introduction to big data. Where did it come from? Where is it going? What challenges it presents? How is it being used? You should come away from this thinking,


Planning - an Army Officer/CIO's perspective

John will discuss how the planning skills and training he has acquired during his military career were used in South Sudan, including when civil war broke out in December 2013, and how they can be used


CITP Breadth of Knowledge Test

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Chartered IT Professional NZ (CITPNZ) is a professional accreditation available to senior IT Professionals. CITPNZ has a Breadth of Knowledge test that all applicants must complete. The test is undertaken
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Curry Thursday

Nelson ICT Community - Curry and Get Together! . Come and join the Nelson Branch of the Institute of IT Professionals for the monthly social get together for the local tech community. Pop along to the
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Meet the new Wellington branch committee

What tech related subjects would you like to hear about and attend as an IITP member in 2016/17? Come along to this free event to meet your new Branch Committee and celebrate the first day of spring with


Thursday Night Curry

Waikato ICT Community - Drinks, Curry and Get Together! . Come and join the Waikato Branch of the Institute of IT Professionals for the monthly social get together for the local tech community. Pop along
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People Management Made Easy

Many technical professionals find people management perplexing and time-consuming. They need quick ways to establish a staff-driven, high-performance workplace where people show initiative, make the appropriate calls and don't need caretaking. Learn how to change the way people think, feel and act. Participants leave with immediate changes in their approach that will create a different response from staff, reducing stress and improving results.


Practical Business Architecture

To facilitate the development of an Enterprise Architecture it is essential that a comprehensive knowledge of the business basis for that architecture is attained. This means that the business architecture must be well modelled and, very importantly, that those models be understood and accepted by the Business. There are formal modelling languages for doing this but these are often not easily understood by business people. To resolve this issue Business Element Models were developed. Once agreed these can easily be translated into languages such as ArchiMate for further extension in the TOGAF ADM cycle.


Understanding IT Governance

IT Governance is focused on the leadership, structures and processes that ensure that an organisation's information technology sustains and extends the overall organisation's strategies and objectives. This workshop explores and explains IT Governance in depth and covers the building blocks to enable effective IT Governance in your organisation.
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Smart Contracting and the Blockchain

An IITP Panel Discussion jointly hosted by Buddle Findlay and IITP. . Smart contracts are self-executing contracts - the rules of the contract are coded and once these rules have been satisfied, the contract


Data Modelling Essentials

In this information age, data and data relationships have never been more important to, well, just about everything. How much money is in your account? What platform does the train leave from? What is Barack Obama tweeting in Twitter? The answer to all of these questions is in the data and data relationships.


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